Aurora Republic is very simple: it offers CITIZENSHIP for Star Citizens.

But you are already a citizen, you say: a citizen of the UEE!

So how’s that working out for you? Is the Universe a safe place? Would you choose to fly an unarmed ship with no escort, or are crime and piracy a concern? Do you have to throw a rifle over your shoulder every time you stop to refuel and stretch your legs?

What about your living conditions? Do you live in a clean, beautiful, well-lit home, with your own plot of land? Is your environment free of poisonous gases? Do you have a say in how the empire is run?


In the first three centuries of space exploration, huge technological breakthroughs were achieved. It’s been so long ago we forget how compressed and dynamic that age was:

  • The First Man in Space in 1961

  • The Moon Landing in 1969

  • The First Mars mission in 2032

  • Quantum Drive in 2075

  • First Starship in 2140

  • The First Jump Point in 2271

300 YEARS.jpg

All of that in 310 years.

And then, the UNE was born. Which became the UPE. Which became the UEE. And since then: nothing.

It has been over seven hundred years since one world government took over, and for seven centuries now this monolithic, authoritarian state has done nothing… not counting the many blunders, wars, missed opportunities and catastrophes, that is.

Kings, Lords, Sultans, Priesthoods — and Emperors: with the exception of a very few, brief, shining moments, these parasitic, hereditary control-freaks, social climbers and tyrants have had their boot on our neck. This collectivist, monolithic monstrosity has stolen uncounted quintillions of credits. It is not Big Business or Big Government. It is a hybrid combining the worst features of both; corporations that buy politicians so that politicians can buy votes in order to write laws protecting corporations.

The UEE is too stratified, too fossilized, too slow, too stupid, too clumsy, too expensive, and too corrupt. The UEE is too big.

We offer an alternative.

Republics are born in times of stagnation, repression, lawlessness and cronyism. In other words, TIMES LIKE THESE.

The Aurora Republic believes that government should be minimal, and do only those things that a government really needs to do. The rest of the time, the government gets out of the way and simply enforces the laws that allow real entrepreneurialism, innovation and wealth creation to flourish.

If this message resonates with you; if you want to work hard and keep the fruits of that hard work; if you can pull your own weight; if you want a piece of land that belongs to you and not some “Imperator,” and if you want to walk freely into a universe knowing you are encased, not in battle armor but rather in an impenetrable force field of personal dignity and rights… then come on home.