JOEL WHITCOMB was born in southern Georgia, Earth, Sol system, in 2892.  His parents were missionaries of the Sacred Light, and much of his childhood was spent traveling from system to system spreading the "good news."  During that time, Joel learned multiple languages and was exposed to many different cultures.  Upon graduating from secondary school, Joel joined a private contracting SAR organization for a number of years.

Following a terminal cancer diagnosis at age 20, Joel completed a year of intense medical treatment.  Though he survived, the disease and intensive chemotherapy had done permanent damage, and he was no longer able to return to the physical work he had done previously. Instead, Joel turned his ambitions toward law school.  He spent the next year studying at his home, and then challenged university exams one after another until he had tested out of the requisite four years of undergraduate work.  At age 23 he returned to Earth to sit for his UEE-LSAT, where he scored in the top two percentile.  Joel graduated from the prestigious Messer School of Law and Government Policy three years later, deeply disenfranchised with what he viewed as a corrupt and bloated UEE legal system.

Rather than pursuing a career in law, Joel won a competitive internship position at one of the top ten companies in the UEE.  The firm focused on comprehensive planning and financial strategies for businesses and high net worth individuals.  Over time, Joel worked his way up through the company, eventually creating his own firm; Excelsior Enterprises.  Among his broad and distinguished clientele, he became Chief Financial Consultant to Aegis Dynamics at their corporate offices on Cestulus, in the Davien system.

Joel has been featured numerous times in top 50 most eligible bachelor lists, and in 2946 was ranked 32 top 100 sexiest men in the empire.  He is currently ranked as the 117 wealthiest man in the UEE.

Joel has since retired from his consulting firm, and joined Dr. Daniel Altier as a founding member of the Aurora Republic.  Joel values integrity and intellectual challenge above all else.  The Republic is his opportunity to test those passions as he, and many others, work tirelessly to build a better universe for all sentient life.