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Like the Aerospace Combat, Capital Combat and Medical Corps Elements, the Surface Combat Elements of Aurora are modular.  Each has a specific mission, drawing different temperaments and fighting styles.

Chief of Staff of the SCE:  General Logan A. Reed


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"Big Red One" is the sledgehammer of Auroran Surface Combat Elements.  By far the largest of the SCEs, First Surface Combat Element is also the exclusive home of armor, artillery, mechanized infantry, etc.  The 'First Element' has a long and distinguished bloodline; the Sabers represent the origin in the days of horse-drawn cavalry.  As far as 1/SCE is concerned, the entire purpose of the other SCE's (and ACE's too, for that matter) is to pin down enemy forces preparatory to the knockout punch delivered by their heavy weapons.  Honor Details are composed of the spit-and-polish, by-the-book discipline that permeates 1/SCE.

1/SCE Commander:  Vacant

1/SCE Operations Officer:  Vacant

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The Snakes are primarily a planetary surface Force Reconnaissance unit.  Comprised of small teams operating independently of supply (or higher-level command), Second Surface Combat Element specializes in reconnaissance, infiltration, sniper missions, and sabotage.  Lightly armed, Snakes use concealment and stealth to achieve their missions.  After coming into contact with 2/SCE, one enemy installation referred to them as "Ghost Knives," and the nickname stuck.  Individuals applying for 2/SCE must be capable of enduring the most demanding environments, often for weeks or even months on end.

2/SCE Commander:  Lieutenant Colonel Solis A. Blackburn

2/SCE Operations Officer:  Vacant

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Surface Combat Element Three is dedicated to boarding operations.  It is the first SCE to bear the Trident, indicating zero-g capability.  Frequently employed from stealth assets, 3/SCE specializes in extremely high kinetic rates: their mission is to infiltrate and overwhelm enemy ships and installations with blinding speed, sowing confusion among the defenders and maximizing the shock value of such an attack.

3/SCE Commander:  Position Filled, To Be Announced

3/SCE Operations Officer:  Vacant

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Surface Combat Element Four operations, assets and force objectives are classified.  Enrollment in 4/SCE is by invitation only.


4/SCE Operations Officer: CLASSIFIED

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Surface Combat Element Five, often called Trident 5 or even T5, is the zero-G capable combat engineering unit of the Aurora Republic.  It specializes in defensive emplacements, asset hardening, and the establishment of Forward Operating Bases in-theater.  Acceptance into Trident 5 requires excellent academic ability, in addition to the rigorous physical demands of the mission.

5/SCE Commander:  Vacant

5/SCE Operations Officer:  Vacant


AR 6 SCE Space Invaders 600x600 (Transparent).png


The Space Invaders of Surface Combat Element Six are Aurora's Zero-G Expeditionary Assault Unit.  Completely self-contained, "the Bugs" are equipped with light, fast, and highly lethal vehicles.  Unlike the specialists in SCE Two, Three and Four, 6/SCE is a significant force composed of a wide variety of weapons types.  Its single purpose is to establish a foothold and stay there until relieved by Big Red One.

6/SCE Commander:  Vacant

6/SCE Operations Officer:  Vacant

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Training Command, or TRACOM for short, is the initial surface training unit for Aurora inductees.  All Aurora immigrants begin by attending TRACOM basic training.  7/SCE Basic Training Instructors (BTIs) provide initial personal weapons training and rudimentary combat skills every citizen should know at a basic level.  Advanced Combat Instructors (ACIs) teach follow-on combat skills and major weapon systems specific to members joining one of the Auroran Surface Combat Elements.  Once showing proficiency, trainees are then assigned to the permanent SCEs.  Surface Combat Element Seven also provides regular refresher training and exercises for the other six SCEs.

7/SCE Commander:  Vacant

7/SCE Operations Officer:  Vacant