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Research and developement

ZHANNA STRELKOV was born to a Cossack family in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, in 2896.  As a young science student, she excelled in sabre dancing and was a regional champion by age 15.  Her technical inquisitiveness and mathematical ability was recognized early as Strelkov was the youngest human Quaesitor Scholar in history.  She graduated from the MIT Earth campus with a PhD in Continuum Field Mechanics at age 24.

Strelkov's research interests are extensive and she holds interstellar patents in shield optimization, quantum multiplication, and machine consciousness.  She received the prestigious 2935 Kjesten-Kors Medal for her seminal work in hyperluminal manifolds and quantum perturbation theory.  Strelkov was named High Science Counsel to the Imperator and director of the UEE Science Foundation from 2937 to 2942.  Under her stewardship, the foundation's influence continuously increased.  The revolutionary “Strelkov Doctrine” not only changed the way science was taught to pre-equivalency students, but perceived by society.

In recent years, Strelkov was named a senior fellow of the Earth Physics Society.  She held the High Chair of the Pan-European Federation of Scientists, and served on the boards of several major interstellar shipping corporations, the UEE Terraforming & Exomining Advisory Council and the ARK Consortium.

Strelkov was widely recognized as one of the few outspoken critics of the CHARIOT program:

“Valem was a kuvyk; an idiot. A brilliant, flamboyant idiot. Imagine if he never vaporized himself over Angeli… we could have broken the light barrier decades ago, spanning 100 galaxies by now! He was paranoid of corporate espionage, and zealously secretive in his work. I think this was more about appearing to protect the interests of his investors then producing a workable transluminal engine. I suspect his core theories were flawed… theories the best research teams to this day have been unable to comprehend, let alone duplicate.”

Keynote address, Xi’An Technology Summit, 2933.

It was no secret that Stelkov was becoming increasingly frustrated by the bureaucratic burdens of her positions. Her scientific achievements and technical prowess were not met with enthusiasm by all.  Strelkov was always a strong vocal opponent of the growing autocratic elements within the UEE.  She has the infamous distinction of being the only UEE science executive that has survived two assassination attempts.  Always seeking new adventures, Strelkov accepted a new challenge as the first Chief Research & Development Officer of the fledgling Aurora Republic Science Agency.