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While a great deal of Aurora's technological innovations come from the private sector, it is in the interest of the republic that certain areas of scientific inquiry be carried out by the government's Science Agency. 

Director of Science:  Vacant

Assistant Director of Science:  Vacant


Those two science sections are: 

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EXPLORATION coordinates efforts to discover, map and develop unknown territories, as well as providing detailed, consistent and extremely high quality cartographic elements to those areas already known and/or inhabited.  In rare occasions, government expeditions will be launched preparatory to the arrival of the private sector.  These missions are almost invariably of either very remote or potentially hostile areas, or those considered unsuitable for commercial development or colonization.

Exploration Missions Chief:  Commander Leon R. Blackburn

Exploration Missions Officer:  Lieutenant Commander Dixie Hall


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RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT provides government funding to private research groups, universities and other institutions in order to promote research considered vital to national security.  Genetic research leads the Medical Division; metallurgy and composite structures are the primary fields of the Materials Division; and efficiency, reliability, safety and storage of multiple extant energy sources -- as well as the development of entirely new ones -- remains the provenance of the Energy Agency.

Chief R&D Officer:  Dr. Zhanna Strelkov, PhD

Senior R&D Officer:  Dr. Jason Fellstone, PhD