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maintenance and repair

RET ROY was born 2886 on Mars, Sol, to Reginald and Martice Roy, both tenured professors at Sol University at Mars.  Roy's father was a physicist of some small renown, and his mother taught mathematics.  An imaginative only-child, Roy spent his youth in his parents' home workshop, where he would pretend to be a mad scientist from his favorite Saturday morning televids and invent all sorts of crazy contraptions.

Roy's post secondary and post graduate interests naturally gravitated toward engineering, where he attended Sol University at Mars and earned advanced degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.  His academic achievements led to a permanent engineering position with Crusader Industries, who has held the service and maintenance contract with the UEE Navy's Undergraduate Pilot Training program at Sierra Base, Mars, Sol, for nearly a century.

Roy proved to be a valuable asset to Crusader Industries, working in literally the same town in which he had grown up and attended school.  Roy even lived in his familial home as his parents retired and enjoyed their twilight years, eventually surviving them and inheriting their considerable estate just outside the city.  He rose steadily through the Crusader ranks until finally heading the Trainer Maintenance Division of Crusader located at Sierra Base, Mars.

Roy retired in 2941 after a 31-year career at Crusader Industries.  His first few years in retirement found himself again in his familial workshop, inventing widget after contraption, but never bringing any of them to market.  In March 2948, he was introduced through a mutual friend to Atticus Montgomery, and a week later joined the ambitious Aurora Project.