Gen Logan A. Reed (New).png

chief of staff - SCE

LOGAN ALAN REED, known affectionately as "JumpWing", was born on a UEE freighter in the Tanga Sytem's Alpha Asteroid belt in 2892.  At 14, he was separated from his parents when a Vanduul Kingship captured the freighter.  The Vanduul forced him into slavery on a Driller ship, clearing jams on drilling heads... an occupation estimated to have an 85% mortality rate.  Reed referred to it as, "One hell of a workout... I learned to be fast and it made me strong".

After two years, the Vanduul forced him to serve on a forward recon force for Vanduul attacks in several UEE skirmishes, a known Vanduul tactic using slaves as "canaries in the coal mine" to probe enemy's defenses.  Reed saw many of his fellow slaves perish at the hands of this Vanduul deception.  "As awful an experience as any human being can go through.  Seeing so many humans, Banu and X'ian die in the vacuum of space... still wakes me at night 40 years later."

Reed has told few the full details about what he saw on those Vanduul ships.  His parents were never located.

At the age of 17, he secretly planned and initiated a successful uprising on a Mauler cruiser, which gained his followers command of the powerful capital ship.  During the battle, the 375 followers of the uprising killed over 1300 Vanduul and destroyed three ships before escaping to UEE territory.  "I was so proud of the members of our rebellion, they fought with a fire of all the heroes in history.  We could not lose with a team like that."

The Vanduul unwittingly showed Reed their tactics and their weaknesses.  "They made a tactical error when they revealed their methods.  I simply learned them and devised a way to exploit their weaknesses.  The Vanduul are a cruel race that thrive on fear.  It blinds their thinking.  It is how we will defeat them."

Having successfully escaped the Vanduul, Reed joined the UEE military at 18.  A virtual hero, he was fast-tracked into Officer Candidate School where he later said, "it was an odd time for me; I was used to living in filth and fighting for my life every day of my young adult life.  Having a shower and a warm meal felt alien to me."

Over 38 years of military service has taught Reed valuable lessons in applying successful tactics with the best training and equipment in the known universe.  "If you want to see a true Shit Storm, try playing soft with a Vanduul crew.  The only path to victory is to stomp on their heads until they surrender."  Reed is known as a fearsome and aggressive leader that is beloved by his troops.  "I'd gladly die for any soldier under my command".

In 2945, he renounced his UEE citizenship and joined the Aurora Republic.  "My greatest hope is that all living beings learn to stop killing each other and live in peace.  I joined Aurora because of the people that committed to it.  They are the finest of good people and they all understand that free people make the best societies.  I had put my years in fighting to protect the UEE.  Let them defend themselves from now on."

Reed applied his teachings in the military with a strict moral code of ethics.  "Wherever good people are repressed, we will help... And we will punish the wicked."