ATTICUS MONTGOMERY was raised a slave aboard a Banu Merchantman based in the Yulin System.  It is unknown exactly when Montgomery was born.  He can recall slaving under the merchant Sker’Ui as an errand boy and meeting secretary for at least seven years, learning the trading ways of the Banu.  He learned the negotiation techniques, deal making, and trade secrets that earned the Banu their reputation.  In 2926, he was sold to Thomas Vincent, an independent miner, and once they left the “merchantman”, Thomas gave the sale contract to Atticus and granted his freedom.

Thomas Vincent

Vincent saw the potential of the knowledge the boy learned during his critical years of development.  He utilized Atticus’ experience to his benefit and catapulted his solo enterprise to success.  Through Montgomery’s adolescence the two worked as a team, with Vincent handling the mining and shipping of ores and Montgomery negotiating prices and contracts with companies.  Vincent adopted a more fatherly role, teaching Montgomery morality and a diehard work ethic, as well as the second most important lesson of his life: fair and honest trade hurts no one.

In 2932, Shubin Interstellar was negotiating a contract for corundum with Vincent & Montgomery Mining, when they were absolutely astonished at the knowledge and vigor the 17-year old Atticus displayed during negotiations.  Shubin offered both employment with the company.  Vincent moved on to captain the Shubin Interstellar #506, an RSI Orion.  Montgomery was groomed into his future through formal education and a series of corporate executive positions.

Shubin Interstellar

Montgomery earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Economics and Finance from the Finfrock University on Mars, Sol, UEE.  Shubin Interstellar leveraged Montgomery’s education, expertise and experience as chief negotiator for the company.  With his assistance Shubin grew from 28 Billion UEC net profit to 385 Billion UEC in a matter of 11 years.  Shubin became the number one contracting company for UEE terraforming projects while Montgomery was seated.  The growth was exponential, but so was the risk of corruption and collapse.

Integrity of Trade

Montgomery’s work kept him focused and driven.  In 2943 a standard audit of auxiliary shipping operations near Stanton uncovered inconsistencies.  Suspicious of potentially altered ledgers, Montgomery personally investigated, but met with significant resistance internal to Shubin management.  When his investigation discovered contracted vessels shipping slaves hidden amongst their cargo, Montgomery was outraged and attempted to expose the criminal activity to the UEE.  Shubin Interstellar executives banded together against him, leveraging their political ties within the UEE to discredit and silence him.  In 2945 Montgomery left Shubin, taking only what could fit in his Origin 85X.

Aurora Republic

Montgomery joined the non-profit Aurora Project to found the Aurora Republic.  He currently serves as its Secretary of Commerce, and shares his knowledge throughout the Administration to help build the Republic into a beacon of freedom and liberty… someplace citizens can call home.