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THATCHER CLYDE MONATTO was born on Earth, Sol System, in 2899, the youngest of seven sons born to Donoldo Ricci Monatto and his wife LeMary Pearce.  The Monatto family were the Founder and CEO of Ag Fresh, Inc., the largest fresh produce company on Earth with over 10,000 distribution centers including one on Mars.

Monatto’s work ethic was cast into him at an early age.  In addition, the Family business excelled at innovative products and services.  Monatto himself developed a special talent for anticipating trends and meeting consumer needs.  The Monatto family’s business success, created a culture that valued appreciation for hard work, no matter the person or job.  They cherished their employees and in spite of how large the company grew, they maintained a family environment.   

Wanting more knowledge on the relation between nutrition and health, Monatto immersed himself in some of the more prestigious educational institutions.  Monatto received a BA in Diet and Behavioral Health Management from University of Minnesota, a Masters’ in Business from Stanford University, and a PhD in Evolutionary Psychology from Oxford

In his recreational time, Monatto enjoys working with a variety of metals, a modern-day Alchemist.  He has a great admiration for Tungsten, Chromium and Titanium because these metals proved to share the four strengths of metals: Comprehensive, Tensile, Yield and Impact.  Because Monatto’s, experimental work, he found himself being stifled by intrusive regulations within the UEE.

As the UEE Regulatory Systems became corrupted it created an ever-more insufferable working environment.  And with the oppressive feel of an ever-growing state, eventually the Monatto’s knew they had to close down.  However, as a testament to them, they sold the business to their employees and retired on Mars.

Monatto began traveling in 2942 and later became aware of the Aurora Republic.  Monatto immediately was reminded of those feelings of belonging to a free society and saw how people within the Nation were able to pursue their own interests without being held back.  As long as you were lawful and good, people in the Republic thrived.  Monatto formally joined the Aurora Republic in 2948.