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Aurora Medical Corps Elements are modular units (as are the Aerospace, Capital and Surface Combat Elements) that can be combined as needed for individual missions and task force assignments.  Aurora MCE units consists of MedEvac, Med Ops and Facilities elements.

Surgeon General:  Position Filled, To Be Announced

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Medical Corps Element One is the ambulatory transportation unit of the Aurora Republic, specializing in subcapital-class spacecraft specialized for medical transport.  MedEvac crews consist of all of the aerospace personnel involved in flying and operating the spacecraft, but not the medical personnel themselves.

MCE-1 Commander:  Vacant

MCE-1 Operations Officer:  Vacant

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Medical Corps Element Two is the medical operations unit of the Aurora Republic, specializing in organizing, training and equipping of Doctors, Nurses, Medics and Pararescuemen (PJs).  All medical professionals are combat trained, regardless of assignment.  MedOps provides the medical mission crews that operate on MedEvac flights, the combat medics that accompany SCEs and the professionals that staff hospital facilities, as well as the medical training for the Special Operators known as Pararescue.

MCE-2 Commander:  Mr. Ryan Jamison

MCE-2 Operations Officer:  Vacant

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Medical Corps Element Three is the medical facility management unit of the Aurora Republic, specializing in surface, orbital and capital-class spacecraft hospitals.  Facilities deals with the real hospital assets, while these facilities are staffed by medical professionals from MCE-2 MedOps.

MCE-3 Commander:  Vacant

MCE-3 Operations Officer:  Vacant