ANSELM ROBERT LOCKE was born on Rytif in 2918 the son of factory workers.  Anselm is a graduate of the University of Stalford with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and quickly earned Basic+, Security+ MobiGlas Certified Technician (MGCT), and SCoMCT (SpaceComms Certified Technician) by 2939.  He worked for Earthborn Mining, LLC as a security consultant for mining operations.

Locke was responsible for ensuring that security sensors were operating at maximum efficiency in the company AWACS craft.  It was his responsibility to track down rogue asteroids, pirates, and other spaceborne threats that could threaten mining operations.  He was promoted to Senior Security Consultant after four years of service.  Earthborn unfortunately went under a year later due to heavy financial and personnel losses in a risky attempt to mine resources in Lier.  Anselm held himself responsible for the loss as he happened to take a job training newer security consultants in the same company rather than assist his fellow employees in that endeavor.

After the debacle, Locke navigated from job to job until he encountered Dr. Altier's Aurora Project.  After a brief meeting with Altier, he resumed his old job of keeping others safe with his knowledge of Early Warning systems and surveying techniques.

Other than a knowledge of sensors and some basic IT skills learned back at Earthborn, Locke is a student of Interactive Mediums and Military History, using old games and wartime scenarios to foresee potential threats before they become a problem and to assist other members of the Republic in finding means to counteract them.