citizen services

KHIANG FRANCIS LIEN was born on Mars in 2909.  The son of a history professor and a UEE military chaplain, he spent his developmental years on the military bases of Mars.  This lead him to both study administration and psychology.  His first position was managing veterans' affairs until finally being placed in the head of medical care administration on Mars at the age of 25.  Since that time, Lien has authored the Sol Times Bestseller The Necessity of Virtue: Why Liberty Fell and has been instrumental in popularizing EMDR therapy for prolonged space isolation.  He had recently transferred to Crusader before leaving the UEE Veteran Services and joining the Aurora Project to found the Aurora Republic.

Lien currently holds a MBA and a MSP from Mars University.  He has also been the recipient of the distinguished service award from both the Wounded Warrior Project and the Veteran Alumni Alliance for his work expanding mental health services to UEE veterans.