Col Laghurn, c. 2946 (file photo).

Col Laghurn, c. 2946 (file photo).

ace-X aggressors commander

JAMES "FOGHORN" LAGHURN was born in the small town of Applegate, Northern Province, Terra in 2903 to a ranching family.  He won an appointment to the UEE Naval Academy in the Kilian System, graduating as a Distinguished Graduate in the Class of 2925 with a degree in Civil Engineering, and cross-commissioned into the UEE Marine Corps.  He attended Undergraduate Pilot Training at Sierra Base, Mars and graduated with an assignment to Avengers in 2927.

Laghurn's career saw tours of duty in the Aegis Avenger, Anvil Hornet and Aegis Sabre.  Those tours posted him aboard two fleet carriers (the UEES Torrejon and the UEES Wilsbach) and seven bases throughout UEE space, including a stint back at Sierra Base, Mars as an instructor pilot.  As a Major he was selected to attend Test Pilot School at Edwards Base, California, Sol, and spent much of his later career in classified programs.

Laghurn was promoted to Colonel and assigned as Chief of Combat Operations at UEE Joint Forces Command, serving under General Robin Hallewell.  During his several years at Joint Forces Command, Laghurn's laser-like focus on mission accomplishment, creativity in problem-solving and natural instinct for "when to bend or break the rules" earned him the attention, and later mentorship, of General Hallewell.  Said General Hallewell of Laghurn, "Foghorn is giftedly tenacious.  The worst thing you can do is tell him something can't be done, or even worse... he's not allowed to do something because of rule X or regulation Y.  He'll get it done just to spite you."

After General Hallewell retired, the two remained in fairly regular social contact.  Laghurn remained in his position at Joint Forces Command for several more years, turning down several follow-on command assignments to the obvious detriment of his career progression and citing family reasons for the decision.

Laghurn retired from the UEEMC in April of 2947, and conspicuously joined the Aurora Republic three months later to command their fledgling aggressor squadron, again serving under his mentor Hallewell.