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The Department of JUSTICE provides the legal framework for the Aurora Republic.

Attorney General:  Vacant

Deputy Attorney General:  Vacant

DoJ operates the courts and prison systems, adjudicates civil proceedings and provides the three following law enforcement agencies:

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It is fundamental Auroran philosophy to keep the federal government as small as possible, and to distribute power as widely as is practicable.  The existence of a Federal Police Force being constitutionally prohibited, much of the law enforcement is carried out at the local level.  However, a small number of highly trained and highly experienced individuals are recruited as Federal Marshals.  These few and extremely exceptional men and women, rather than battle fleets of Imperial Stormtroopers, project Aurora's Federal authority throughout the Republic, and are therefore granted extremely wide latitude to enforce the law without exceeding its boundaries.

Director of the Marshals Service:  Marshal Darach MacLeod

Assistant Director of the Marshals Service:  Vacant

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The Aurora INSPECTOR GENERAL Office, or AIGO (pronounced 'eye-go') carries out all investigative functions for the Aurora Republic.  In possession of unmatched forensic technology and training, AIGO is brought in to solve particularly difficult criminal cases, as well as handling any serious criminal offenses conducted on federal property or concerning government employees.

The Inspector General's Office also performs all governmental budget revues and investigates charges of official corruption, negligence or malfeasance throughout the republic.

Inspector General:  Inspector Aiden Cavanagh

Deputy Inspector General:  Vacant


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The SECRET SERVICE is a small department, whose primary responsibility is the protection of high-level government officials both at home and abroad.  This includes security sweeps of upcoming venues, monitoring of known or suspected threat elements, as well as providing security for Auroran embassies and consulates throughout human space.

Director of the Secret Service:  Vacant

Assistant Director of the Secret Service:  Vacant