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maintenance and repair

ELDRIDGE "EJ" JERRI was born in New Austin, Terra in 2913.  The son of a renowned powerplant engineer and a Terran native, EJ's, as his friends call him, love affair with racing embodies the combination of his father's analytical attention to detail, and his mother's fiery, competitive spirit.

Childhood Influences

Jerri's father, Rens Harper Eldridge, spent six years in the UEE Navy as a powerplant mechanic.  During his time in the UEEN he earned a degree in engineering.  After leaving uniformed service he was hired by VelociTek as a Test and Evaluation Engineer.  Eldridge also did a stint as a race team mechanic on the 350R and thanks to connections made during his time on the racing circuit, Eldridge was offered an engineering position at Origin Jumpworks Gmbh designing thrusters.  When Eldridge met his wife, he was Assistant Director of dVsafe and part of the startup team during the relocation of Origin's corporate HQ to Terra.

Little is known about Jerri’s mother, Jerri Sassengi.  Many descendants of Terra Tribes are reserved and shy away from public life.  Sassengi is believed to be have ancestral ties to the Kinjalessi Tribe by the way they named their son.

Jerri was always fascinated with the sounds and smells in the engine test shop on Luna.  From time to time his father would visit the Origin facility on Earth’s moon.  Jerri accompanied his father on as many of these trips as his schooling schedule would allow.  Even as a boy he had already decided he would be a racing pilot, tearing through courses at great speed powered by those thundering engines he loved to much.

Ever the quick learner and with a mind for detail, Jerri seemed destined for his father’s legacy.  Fate had other plans for him, however.  Shortly after earning his GravPilot license, Jerri crashed into a levTrain while racing a stripped down cargo scooter he had modified himself.  Although no one was killed, Jerri was arrested by New Austin Port Authorities and charged with Reckless Endangerment.

Believing his father's influence would aid him, Jerri was stunned when his father did not use his considerable social station or personal connections to intervene.  The court convicted Jerri, and gave him the choice of a sentencing to one year of confinement, or voluntary enlistment in the UEE military.  Jerri chose to enlist.

Military Career

Jerri gained high marks during the four years of his enlistment, and had taken to his duties with enthusiasm.  Like his father, Jerri had made the best of his down time while deployed to earn a degree.  Enjoying the challenge and adventure of UEE Navy life, Jerri decided to apply for reenlistment.  His commanding officer had other ideas, however, and he was sent with a letter of recommendation to Officer Candidate School.  After graduation, he spent the next four years serving aboard the UEES Swift Resolve, a Crucible-class repair ship.  As usual he took the challenge head on, eventually rising to Repair Department Head and leaving the Navy as a Lieutenant Commander.

Civilian Career

Jerri believed his time in service had reflected well on himself and applied for UEE Citizenship, now thirty four years old and with a renewed hope in his childhood racing dreams.  He was denied citizenship on grounds that his service did not erase his prior conviction.  Disenfranchised and rejected, Jerri went in search of something more meaningful.  Maybe he would find purpose in a new endeavor, a new beginning.