MCE-2 medops commander

Civilian/Military Career

RYAN JAMISON was born in Australia, Earth, Sol in 2910. He trained as a medic and worked privately for a regional search and rescue team for 10 years prior to being accepted to the UEE Naval Academy in 2938. Having graduated at the top of his class, Jamison eventually earned a command of a medical rescue corvette in 2942. Shortly after the infamous Vanduul incursion into Vega that sparked the official declaration of war at the end of 2945, he served under Admiral Ernst Bishop. After 4 years of war, Ryan grew frustrated with constant spending cuts, calling acts of war “solitary raids”, and the general bureaucracy of the UEE and apparent disinterest in actually winning the war. He submitted his resignation and received an honorable discharge.

Aurora Republic

After his discharge, a contact within the leadership of the fledgling Aurora Republic, which stood for the ideals he espoused, reached out to Jamison and offered citizenship. After a time he was offered a commission within the Republic, as Commander of their Medical Corps Elements-2 division, where he now leads and trains the medical and rescue personnel for the Republic.