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CHARLES TIO JACKSON, JR. was born in 2894 on Osha (Killian VI) to Charles T. and Mattie Jackson, the eldest of five siblings.  Charles Sr. spent his entire working life at the MacArthur Shipyards installing engines, thrusters, jump drives on Bengal carriers and other UEE Navy warships.

Being immersed in Navy culture from birth, a military career path was inevitable.  Although Jackson was an average student he excelled in mathematics and foreign languages.  After primary schooling on Osha, Charles attended the University of Terra receiving a degree in Digital Forensics and a minor in Xi'an.

Jackson joined the UEE Navy after completing his university studies in 2918 and was trained on spacecraft electronic systems operations and maintenance.  After 15 years of frontline service on various ships, concluding with a deployment on the UEES Retribution, Jackson began a command track and became a senior officer in the UEE Navy Training Command.  This experience led him to cross paths with Dr. Jason Fellstone and Jackson grew to share Fellstone's disillusionment with the Navy and UEE government service in general.  Fellstone's fortuitous meeting with an Aurora Republic representative set the path for Jacksons' post-military life.

Retirement from the Navy in 2943 after 25 years of service brought Jackson to join the Aurora Republic earning his current post in 2947.