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Aurora has consolidated what was formerly a series of fragmented units into one operational agency, providing information, analysis and protection to both the military and civilian sectors.  For their security, we vigorously protect the identities of our Intelligence personnel. 

Director of Intelligence Operations:  Mr. Malcolm C. Armstrong

Deputy Director of Intelligence Operations:  Vacant


Intelligence is composed of the following sections:

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COUNTER INTELLIGENCE is tasked with identifying and eliminating enemy intelligence operations.  ACI is also responsible for the issuance of all security clearances throughout the republic.  Counter intelligence is not simply the passive ability to spot enemy espionage assets once deployed.  It is also aggressively employed in penetrating enemy intelligence services.

Chief Intelligence Officer:  CLASSIFIED

Senior Intelligence Officer:  CLASSIFIED

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This section is responsible for all of the computer security needs for both the military and civilian components of the Auroran government.  ACS is on constant patrol for enemy intrusion events.  It provides both software and hardware strategies to minimize data exposure, as well as containment, back-up and scrubbing functions. 

Chief Security Officer:  Mr. Charles T. Jackson

Senior Security Officer:  CLASSIFIED

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ESPIONAGE, or AE, is the active intelligence gathering section of the Aurora Republic.  It is responsible for the deployment of HUMINT and SIGINT assets.  Human Intelligence operations include deployment of intelligence agents, as well as recruitment of non-agency informants.  Signal Intelligence processes vast amounts of electronic data in order to provide a continuously updated assessment of enemy capabilities and objectives.  AE also carries out destabilization operations, propaganda creation and delivery, and highly classified Black Ops.

Chief Espionage Officer:  CLASSIFIED

Senior Espionage Officer:  CLASSIFIED

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SENSORS provides the personnel and equipment necessary for both the detection of hostile assets, and the masking of friendly ones.  It is responsible for emissions discipline and reduction, and deep space scanning.  SENSORS provides continuous data on enemy dispositions as well as constant monitoring of friendly elements to determine signal strength and means of reducing it.  They are also tasked with the deployment of navigational beacons, and the reception and location solution for distress calls.

Chief Sensors Officer:  Mr. Anselm Locke

Senior Sensors Officer:  CLASSIFIED