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research and development

JASON FELLSTONE was born in 2915 in Prime on Terra to Robert and Jecel Fellstone.  His childhood was dominated by a fascination with spy novels, but rather than identifying with the “action hero” he found he was more drawn to the lab rat… the guy who made all the fancy equipment for the hero.

Throughout schooling, Fellstone showed a gift for the sciences and technology.  By his Junior year he had universities lined up to recruit him and scholarship offers stacked dozens deep.

He finally settled on the prestigious Vensussel Institute of Military Technology where he finished his BS in Electronics, and earned postgraduate degrees in Physics and Astrodynamics, all the while earning a minor in Vanduul biology.

After his schooling was complete, he was recruited by the UEE Navy to work as a liaison with the various military contractors.  But soon he became disillusioned with the politics and compromises that were made, overpaying for inferior fighter craft, just to keep stuffing the “right pockets” with perpetual replacement orders for destroyed combat assets that were not quite equal to the Vanduul and other enemies.

One of the colleagues he met during this brief stint was a prospective buyer from the Aurora Republic.  One night over drinks he heard of the honor and integrity that were values of the Republic… an unbelievable life he just had to see for himself.

It only took a few days to realize he had finally come home.

But the Republic was home to many successful entrepreneurs and hot shot pilots. There were not so many techno-geeks, and he soon found himself in a senior position in the Republic’s R&D labs, testing all technologies to find the strengths and weaknesses of spacecraft, components, and weapons. To ensure that the pilots of the Republic had the best advantages available in human, and even alien, space.