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DARREN DEHAAN was born on Oya III in the year 2892.  Due to the close proximity of the Xi’an colony on the same planet, and the spirit of cooperation that exists between these colonies, DeHaan grew up with sincere respect for Xi’an culture, language, and tradition, thinking of them as little more than long-lived, odd-looking people.

After graduation from Coen University, with a Bachelors in Xi’an Culture, an Associates in Xenolinguistics, and a Masters in Xenorelations, DeHaan was quickly appointed by local government as Deputy of Xi’an Relations, an unusually easy position under the circumstances.  Throughout his education and even more so during this brief role in government, DeHaan quickly learned that for the outside world, Xi’an and Human relations were not as simple.  Past tensions still lived in the minds of many.

When DeHaan was approached by a Xi’an marketing team who was looking for advice on appealing to the human population of Oya III, he saw an opening that he hoped would improve relations between the two species on a more galactic scale.  Stepping down from his position as Deputy of Xi’an Relations, DeHaan applied for a new position within an off-world Xi’an corporation.  Impressed by his tenacity, knowledge of Xi’an culture and language, and even more so by his vision, he was hired.

While his efforts within the company never realized into actual products or stores, the focus groups and marketing strategies developed by the team which he co-lead were integral to efforts in obtaining official Trade Licenses from the UEE Senate.  His experience and rising esteem within the Xi’an trade industry also lead to him receiving a job offer from the Jysho Corporation.  DeHaan accepted the offer, moving on to be a driving force within the company’s Human Relations department, ultimately leading to the opening of the first Xi’an store in Human territory thirteen years later.

While his name has never been in the news, those who work in certain circles behind the scenes of the trade industry and UEE bureaucracy have long recognized the diplomatic skills of DeHaan, and these same have little doubt that the recent breakthrough in Human/Xi’an relations are in no small part due to his rare combination of patience, kindness, understanding of complex situations and uncanny brilliance in seeking out mutually beneficial arrangements between otherwise unwilling partners.

Shortly after the Jysho Corporation’s breakthrough into the Human market, Mr. DeHaan was approached by an old friend, Malcolm Armstrong, who had been a valuable player in the battle to bring Xi’an industry to Human territory.  Armstrong introduced DeHaan to Dr. Daniel Altier.  A couple weeks later, DeHaan resigned of his position at the Jysho Corporation, accepting a new appointment as Secretary of State for the new and rising Aurora Republic.