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The Department of Defense protects the territory of the Aurora Republic against aggression, and ensures the safe passage of flagged commerce among the space lanes.

Secretary of Defense:  Mr. Robin P. Hallewell

Deputy Secretary of Defense:  Vacant

Defense is divided into four major Commands:

The Aurora Republic has taken a radical step with regard to how military assets are organized.  Traditional fleet and army or marine units often produce shortages (and overages) of some types of vessels, depending on the demands of the mission.  There is also a rigidity in terms of correcting these natural imbalances.

The Defense Department has completely scrapped the traditional fleet /division structures that have been in place for over a millennium, and replaced it with a completely modular system where assets can be deployed quickly and efficiently depending on the task and objectives.  Thus an Aurora Task Force may be comprised of tankers, supply ships, fighter escort, medical assets, etc. -- each comprised of independent units trained to work in cooperation with the others.  That results in superior training, readiness and capability, since each element is comprised of specialists. 

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