Cruz, Dante Perez de la.png

ace-5 vampires commander

DANTE PEREZ DE LA CRUZ was born in Buenos Aires, Earth, Sol in 2910 to a military family, his father a career officer in the UEE Navy and his mother a desk officer stationed in Buenos Aires.  Cruz was taught tactics and strategy from a young age, and grew up always knowing what he was going to do.  At the age of 18 he attended the UEE Naval Academy, later earning a commission and graduating 3rd in his class.  A devout Catholic in a mostly atheist UEE, Cruz was discriminated against heavily for promotion.


Cruz showed great skill as a military strategist, slowly climbing the UEE ranks despite the religious persecution. His tendency to quote scripture earned him the nickname “Chaplain” with his subordinates and peers. Cruz’s tenure in Strategic Plans was colorful, with Cruz often advocating mass assault and bombardment campaigns using waves from multiple vectors.  His suggestions were often dismissed as overly aggressive for the purpose of grandstanding for the brass, and Cruz was branded as ‘reckless’.

Over time, Cruz’s relationship with his fellow officers became one of mutual disdain.  The culmination of this loss of faith occurred during a raid on a Vanduul capital ship, where reinforcements never arrived, the mission failed and most of his squadron was destroyed.  Cruz perceived a betrayal by his Commanding Officer, and, infuriated, he deserted with a Retaliator he later named the Santa Lucia.


Having fled the UEE a fugitive, Cruz joined the Aurora Republic hoping to find acceptance, tolerance, and a new life. Cruz was offered command of Aerospace Combat Element-5, a bomber squadron known as the Vampires. He is devoted to the ideals and the fundamental principles of the Aurora Republic, and has begun making himself a new life in his new Nation.