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Trade is the lifeblood of civilization, and Aurora's Commerce Department helps keep that blood flowing by providing a contact nexus for existing commercial trade, as well as helping to develop new markets and private companies to serve them.  The Department of Commerce has no direct hand in the economics of the Aurora Republic -- that is entirely the domain of private individual citizens and the companies they may form.  Commerce is not a player.  Commerce is the referee.

The Commerce Department ensures that trade agreements are enforced.  It is responsible for import and export inspections and permits, in the few instances where such are needed.  It serves as an impartial arbiter of trade disputes in an attempt to preclude legal proceedings (which would then become the responsibility of the Department of Justice), and Commerce also provides economic assistance to private start-up companies if it deems that such loans are in the interest of increased trade and wealth creation throughout the Aurora Republic and to its trading partners beyond our borders.

Secretary of Commerce:  Mr. Atticus Montgomery, MBA

Deputy Secretary of Commerce:  Vacant


COMMERCE is divided into the following three agencies:

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The Energy Agency is responsible for the generation and distribution of energy throughout the Aurora Republic.  That entails developing new sources of energy and energy storage; providing reliable and safe energy to new outposts; and establishing power grids and other infrastructure to power larger settlements or cities.  A significant portion of Aurora's R&D Section (see SCIENCE) is dedicated to energy research.

Director of Energy:  Vacant

Deputy Director of Energy:  Vacant

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In keeping with the Aurora Republic's revolutionary, 30th-century reformation of government, the Logistics Agency is responsible for both acquiring and deploying the materials needed across the board... including providing the logistics to the Department of Defense, which then assigns ACE elements for distribution.  Logistics provides everything from MobiGlas devices to all of the food and materials needed for an entire moon, planet or station.

Director of Logistics:  Mr. Glyn Cecil

Deputy Director of Logistics:  Vacant

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Aurora's Maintenance and Repair Agency is responsible for the upkeep of all of the mechanical and electrical assets belonging to the Auroran government.  As with LOGISTICS and ENERGY, M&R repair teams are also responsible for the vast majority of Defense Department vessels, vehicles and installations as well.

Timely and high-quality repair services are provided by M&R sections located throughout the entire Republic.  They are a primary benefit of Auroran citizenship: all recovery and repair operations are provided to citizens at cost.

Director of Maintenance:  Mr. Eldridge Jerri

Deputy Director of Maintenance:  Mr. Ret Roy