Citizenship Examples and FAQ

Example 1:  Your ship is hijacked and you are held for ransom, but you manage to get a message out before you surrender.

On your own, you can wait for the UEE to take up the matter, but the fact that piracy and kidnapping is so rampant is a good indicator of how much good that will do you.

As a citizen of Aurora, however, the professional diplomats in our State Department immediately make an attempt to contact the parties in question and begins to negotiate your release.  In the case of many organizations this leverage will do it, but for pirates this attempt generally goes unanswered.

But never fear: this republic does not negotiate for weeks or months when our citizens are at risk.  Immediately upon the receipt of your distress call, our Intelligence agency is tasked to locate your position; simultaneously, a rescue mission, using stealth elements and squads of highly disciplined Special Forces units is being prepared and if you are not returned rapidly to freedom then freedom will come rapidly to you.


Example 2:  You have a critical shipment of high priority, high-value merchandise that has to get from Point A to Point B in areas known to be lawless.

Trade is the lifeblood of civilization.  One of the main functions of our Defense Department is to provide protection for our commercial vessels.  Your private company is yours to run as you see fit; however, being flagged (literally 'flying the flag') as a member of the Aurora republic is usually in itself a deterrent.  However, our experience with human nature is such that your citizenship and right to free trade are not always respected... which is why looking out at a flight of Sabres from ACE-3 RED TAILS flying escort is a nice feeling to have.


Example 3:  You have worked hard -- and continue to work hard -- but you want some of the fruits of that labor to go into real estate.

Aurorans secure living space in the same honorable way they obtain anything else: they pay for it.  But once you have bought the land, and paid for it, who is there to protect you and your family from predation by mercenaries and pirates?

Your nation protects you, that's who.  Your property will be secure behind our national borders.  We expand those borders through trade and trade alone, but we defend them vigorously.  And you will have the comfort of knowing that the person on the property next to you also shares your values and is willing to exchange helping hands with you.


Example 4:  You have a great idea for a business or venture.  You have a proven track record of hard work and reliability.  You just need some capital to get your project off the ground.

It is in the political, trade and defense interests of the Aurora Republic to support economic growth throughout the Verse.  On occasion, this may take the form of a subsidy, paid in UEC to purchase equipment and other resources. 

This is not a giveaway, and they are not easy to obtain.  You will need a business plan, a detailed description of what the requested funds will be used for, and most importantly, you must show a reasonable estimate of how this loan is to be repaid. 



Q. Why is there a monthly UEC citizenship due?

A. The Auroran government provides many benefits to our citizens.  These benefits cost UEC to provide.  Our citizens will find that the benefits far outweigh the nominal monthly cost.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Military escorts, at no charge, into known dangerous areas.  This will be subject to asset availability and may on occasion require delays in order to assemble a convoy.
  • Opportunities to apply for business loans or scientific grants.
  • Right of first refusal on government contracts.
  • The clout to broker agreements with other organizations on a massive scale.
  • Aurora is composed of IRL military veterans, marketing experts, financial professionals, accountants, businessmen and women, and so on.  Their experience will be at your disposal as you plan your business or personal career.


Q. How do I associate with Aurora Republic if I want to do something other than work in the government?

A. The Aurora Republic much prefers that you to do something other than work in the government! 

Aurora enforces the legal protection of your rights from encroachment, whether from inside the republic or from external aggression.  The government is not a player; the government is the referee.  As a law-abiding citizen, you are entitled to the benefits and subject to responsibilities outlined above.  Finally, it is the policy of the Aurora Republic, whenever possible, to hire private companies to perform the services required to operate the government.  


Q. Who is allowed to join Aurora Republic?

A. Anyone who, after reading our Citizenship section, wants to become a citizen of Aurora Republic is invited to submit an application.  We are looking for individuals who value discipline, professionalism, and can hold themselves to a high standard.  What that translates into is a sort of super-experience in Star Citizen; a subset of disciplined people performing professionally. 


Q. Why should I join you rather than some other organization, especially if that organization doesn't charge a fee?

A. We don't know that you should join us.  We're not a fit for everyone.  If you've reviewed our website, read our philosophy and goals, and find that we offer something unique in the Star Citizen universe, then we think this would be a good home for you in a dangerous but exciting and limitless universe. 


Q. Your RSI page says your organization is "Hardcore." What does that mean?

A.  To us, "Hardcore" means simply keeping the experience as close to a real one as we can possibly manage.  We do not have schedules or requirements.  You may participate as much or as little as you would like.


Q. If I join, can I become a commander of one of your capital ships?

A. Yes.  We are a meritocracy, where the best person for the job will get the job.  Where we live, hard-working and principled people can become anything they can imagine.  However, trust must be earned.  For those citizens who answer the challenge with discipline and patience, the opportunity is there to rise through the ranks and be tasked with command of various ships and resources.