What does it mean to be a citizen?

Centuries ago, before it was replaced by the UEE Imperial Standards Dictionary, the Cambridge English Dictionary defined citizenship as “the state of having the rights of a person born in a particular country,” AND, “carrying out the duties and responsibilities of a member of a particular society.”

CITIZENSHIP confers benefits and demands obligations.  This translates into rights and privileges versus duties and responsibilities.


The Aurora Republic recognizes the inherent rights of individuals.  We don’t grant them.  We don’t permit them.  We recognize what is already there:

  • Your right to think and speak freely.

  • Your right to own property.

  • Your right to defend yourself and your fellow citizens.

  • Your right to travel freely.

  • Your right to vote.

Essentially, this means that you have a right to go and do anything you please, as long as your actions don’t step on the rights of others.


You also have privileges.  Privileges are not rights.  They are granted by the Aurora Republic.  Think of them as perks.

  • Access to a vast network of goods and services at favorable rates.

  • Benefit from a strong military presence working tirelessly to keep you safe.

  • The opportunity to prove yourself and to elevate your station from the bottom rung, all the way to command a private liner, or Merchantman, or one of our Capital ships.  Discipline and loyalty are rewarded in Aurora Republic.

  • Access to the resources of Citizen Services.

  • An opportunity to enlist in the armed forces.

  • Access to the Aurora Republic’s forums and Discord server.

  • The opportunity to approach the appropriate leadership member with ideas or requests, following the chain of command.

  • Conditional access to financial resources via loans or grants.

  • Access to unequaled training, by experienced professionals.  This includes IRL fighter pilots, financial advisors, entrepreneurs, special forces operators, and much more.

  • An opportunity to have a voice in government.

You can make yourself great, and we want to help.


Citizenship is a two way street.  We have expectations of our citizens.  We expect loyalty before all else.  We don’t oppose our members belonging to other organizations, but there are stipulations.  We expect compliance with all organizational laws.  We collect UEC to help fund many of the services our citizens enjoy.

 The Aurora Republic is built from men and women who work hard and obey the law.  We don't care where you come from.  We care where you are going. 


  • Citizens may not be members of any other political organization, or of any illegal organization.

  • Citizens will pay monthly dues (UEC) to the organization.  Dues will be announced closer to release, and will not be burdensome.

  • Citizens will act as representatives of Aurora Republic in a manner that maintains our reputation for integrity and professionalism.

  • Citizens will respect themselves and each other.  Conflict of a legal nature will be handled by Justice.  All other conflict must be directed to the Citizen Services HR department.

  • Citizens will follow the Aurora Republic’s code of conduct


  • Do not hurt anyone without legal cause.

  • Do not take something that does not belong to you.

  • Do what you have agreed to do.