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Citizen Services is the primary point of contact between the Aurora Republic and the people that inhabit it.

Secretary of Citizen Services:  Mr. Thatcher C. Monatto

Deputy Secretary of Citizen Services:  Mr. Khiang Lien


Citizen Services is broken down into the following agencies: 

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Citizen Resources primarily serves to connect citizens with the appropriate resources throughout the Republic.  It also provides staffing to the various branches of the government, coordinates training and educational programs, and provides dispute resolution of any grievances of a non-legal nature between citizens.  Finally it provides a mechanism for the airing of grievances against the government and/or its agencies.

CR Director:  Vacant

CR Assistant Director:  Vacant

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Recruiting actively seeks new citizens for Aurora, and is also responsible for background checks, interviews, etc. in order to determine an applicant's suitability for citizenship.  Recruiters have excellent interpersonal skills, and exhibit great pride in Aurora and what it represents.  Recruiting also helps potential citizens with specific details about any government employment. 

Recruiting Director:  Vacant

Recruiting Assistant Director:  Vacant