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GLYN CECIL was born on 3 March, 2902 in West Chesterton, Terra, to Irene and Brian Cecil, a family of drifters who lived on the road by doing odd jobs and handiwork.  Cecil’s parents schooled him ‘at home’, which naturally focused on a more practical application of knowledge and problem solving.  Cecil’s unorthodox education did not sway him from a voracious thirst for learning.

At 16, Cecil landed a full-time job with the UEE Postal Service in Stalford on Rytif in the Bremen system.  While there, he utilized the UEEPS Montgomery Education Assistance Program to fund a degree in Business Administration from the New Phoenix Institute on Rytif.  Cecil displayed a talent for the logistics of postal and shipping distribution, and steadily rose through promotion to mid-level management positions in the Postal Service.

Citing a continuing rise in graft and waste, both within the Postal Service and the greater government at large, Cecil became more and more disillusioned with the UEE.  He retired from the UEEPS at his first opportunity in 2938.  Two months later Cecil began an Executive Vice President position with Covalex Shipping.

Cecil’s time with Covalex was profitable, and he quickly earned accolades for his logistical talents.  However, the Gundo Station disaster and the subsequent spin-doctoring and scapegoating brought Covalex’s prioritization of its profit margin over its people to the forefront of Cecil’s mind.  Being ever mindful to extricate himself from Covalex with the minimum of blowback, Cecil began looking for an alternative.

Cecil attended a conference in 2946 where he heard Dr. Daniel Altier’s speech, titled “Auroran Principals in Life and Government”, and managed to meet Dr. Altier afterwards and discuss his ideas at length. One year later, Cecil tenured his resignation to Covalex Shipping and joined the Aurora Republic.