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inspector general

Early Life and Career

AIDEN CAVANAGH was born on Terra in 2900 to Sean and Marcy Cavanagh. He grew up in West Landing, a suburb of Prime, where his father and mother worked as an aircar mechanic and a high school teacher, respectively. Cavanagh was recruited by the Prime Police Department while he was attending Bryce Southunder College. He began his law enforcement career in 2921 as a beat cop on the streets of Prime, where he served with distinction. In 2927 he became a “meatspace” investigator for the Terra Cyber Investigations Unit, where his responsibility was investigating the social engineering side of cyber crimes. One day, a fellow investigator at a conference likened the ability of hackers to manipulate social conventions to the ability of pre-space flight author Isaac Asimov's “psychohistorians,” who could predict massive political shifts centuries in advance. It wasn't a serious comparison, but Cavanagh became curious about the subject, and curiosity soon became passion.

New Direction

Cavanagh began studying both history and psychology in earnest, and by 2937, had earned master's degrees in both Criminal Psychology and Classic Literature from the University of Terra, Prime. During this time, he continued his work with TCIU, earning several accolades, and in 2945 he was promoted to Deputy Director. As his social network expanded into higher political levels, he came to see that Terra's much-vaunted progressivism was really only so in comparison to the atrocities of the Messer dynasty. In 2947 he wrote a series of anonymous articles attacking Terra's government, using several examples of Terra's bureaucratic overreach “in the name of public safety,” including naming those most involved, and comparing them to the “more honest” rapine of the Messers.


Soon after publishing his articles, Cavanagh found his unit began having trouble getting necessary funding, and his people's health insurance needs slow to be met. Realizing that he was suspected enough, he accepted the “promotion” of Director of Cyber Security for Pike, Terra Nova's mining planet, in exchange for his people getting what they needed to do their jobs.


Fortunately, Cavanagh's actions had also been noticed by the Aurora Project, and in 2948 he accepted his current position of Inspector General of the Aurora Republic.  Cavenagh is dedicated to the ideals of the Aurora Republic, and intends to ensure that each citizen's rights are protected, no matter who it is.