Blackburn, Solis A.png

2/sce snakes commander

SOLIS ARTURIAS BLACKBURN was born in 2912 to parents Elizabeth and Ethan Blackburn, career UEE Navy officers.  Blackburn knew nothing other than military life.  Spending most of his childhood on ships, it was five years later that his brother, Leon, was born.  As the pair grew up, Blackburn watched over his brother, protecting him from anything that meant him harm.  He also watched his brother protect himself through his wits, to Blackburn's astonishment.

Solis was always the better shot, and had a small arsenal stashed all around.  He taught his brother how to shoot, clean a weapon and how to defend himself.  As a gift for his sixteenth birthday, Blackburn gave his sibling a LH-85 ballistic pistol.

Blackburn enlisted in the military two years prior to his brother, managing to talk his brother into enlisting after he graduated ROTC.  As the Blackburn brothers progressed through the ranks, they realized just how slow the UEE was to respond to matters within their own borders.  Blackburn started to put out feelers to some of his contacts, and when he got a hint of a new republic forming out in the fringes of UEE space, he and his brother separated after 10 years of service.  Joining the Aurora Republic, they soon found they had their hands in the making of this new republic, and more.  Blackburn was appointed the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and leads 2/SCE, the Snakes.