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exploration missions

LEON RYLAN BLACKBURN was born in 2917 to parents Ethan and Elizabeth Blackburn, both active members of the UEE Navy.  He is very close with his older brother, Solis.  Growing up, Blackburn showed great intellect and skill in mathematics and sciences, and later in life, strategy and tactical planning.  His brother was often overprotective of him, but Blackburn proved he could handle himself by simply outwitting his opponents. 

After graduating ROTC, Blackburn followed his brother and commissioned into the UEE Navy.  They were posted together for the most part as they made a very good brain and brawn duo.  Blackburn excelled at tactics and strategy, while his brother possessed the better combat skills such as marksmanship.  After 10 years of service, the Blackburn brothers left the UEE Navy and joined the fledgling Aurora Republic, where he was appointed Exploration Mission Commander for the Republic.  He commands such missions from his personal Polaris-class corvette, which is loaned as part of the core of the AR fleet.