DANIEL ALTIER was born in northern Idaho, Sol system, in 2895.  He received his Master's Degree in Quantum Propulsion from the California Institute of Technology in 2922, and worked as an engineer for various aerospace firms throughout the Twenties and early Thirties. 

During that time, Dan developed what became a lifelong passion for him: history; specifically military history.  Earning his PhD in Classical History at the prestigious Hanson Institute at the University of Demian, he is the author of seven books.  Two of these -- Bad Times, Strong Men / Good Times, Weak Men, and From Hoplite Phalanx to the Thatch Weave: How to Defeat People Who Are Better Than You -- have gone on to become Verse-wide bestsellers for their dynamic mix of theory, humor and historical precedents. 

It was this historical perspective that brought Dr. Altier reluctantly into politics.  An expert on the historical rise and fall of civilizations, he perceived the imminent collapse of the UEE and became a founding father of the Aurora Republic in order to build a home for freedom during the coming inferno.