ace-7 reapers commander

MARCEL ALBRECHT was born in New Orleans, Earth, Sol in 2907.  Orphaned at the age of eight, Marcel spent the early years of his life as a ward of the state.  Marcel was known to state caretakers as a combative and uncooperative child.  By the age of 12, Marcel was considered for a regimen of therapeutic drugs designed for children who displayed an uncooperative spirit.  Two weeks before admission to a clinical boarding house, Marcel participated, along with other wards, in a test to determine suitability for the UEE “Young Public Servants” program.  After receiving high marks, it was decided that he would be admitted to the program.  Marcel showed promise in the program and rose through the ranks until he was dismissed for fighting.  By the time he was dismissed from the YPS program, Marcel had already caught the eye of UEEMC Officer Candidate School personnel.  Marcel thrived in a military atmosphere and quickly rose to the top of his class, eventually graduating from the MacArthur Naval Academy with honors.

Military Career

After reaching his unit following UEEMC flight school, Marcel served until 2943.  Marcel flew many sorties in Vanduul-Human conflicts near the Tiber system, and received multiple commendations.  After flying fighters for several years, Marcel transitioned to a C2ISR unit where he served the remainder of his commitment, filling multiple leadership positions.

Civilian Career

Marcel worked briefly as an engineer at Solar Storm Bio Interface Systems after leaving the UEEMC.

Aurora Republic

Having proven himself serving under General Robin Patrick Hallewell at UEE Joint Forces Command, Marcel was a natural selection for the position of ACE-7 Commander, a position he eagerly accepted.